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2021 Routes

Routes are always subject to change up until the last day for construction, road conditions, and even dogs. (We all love dogs but only when they are behind the fence!)

All routes are supported with rest stops and police at busy crossings.

All routes will close at 3:00 PM. No SAG support will be available after that time.

We regret that after almost 30 years, we will not be able to offer the 100 mile route this year. The route continues to have challenges every year that tax our volunteers, from road construction to ice to traffic control. Please feel free to email us with any questions. We thank you for your understanding and for your continuing support of the Waco Wild West Bicycle Tour.

10 Mile Route – Family/Kid Friendly

This route is mainly on the river walk. Route will be posted later.

27 Mile Route

The 27 mile route is also fun for families and recreational riders. This route is quite flat and passes by the Lake Waco Dam and the peaceful surrounding countryside. The loop of this route goes counterclockwise.

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Turn by Turn Directions

70ish Mile (100K) Route

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Turn by turn directions

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The Waco Wild West Bicycle Tour has made a tradition of great rest stops and super rider support. This is one event you don’t want to miss! There is a tour for everyone.

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