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2018 Routes

Routes are always subject to change up until the last day for construction, road conditions, and even dogs. (We all love dogs but only when they are behind the fence!)

All routes are supported with rest stops and police at busy crossings.

The 105 mile route is longer than last year because we bypassed Wendt road due to rough gravel and now ride on Hwy 84 for a few miles.

10 Mile Route

This is a fun ride for the family. Start at the starting line with all the riders but ride through Waco’s beautiful Cameron Park and then back to downtown Waco on the paved bike path along Martin Luther King Drive. Tour a little bit of downtown before you head to the finish line. There are several rest stops to make it a fun ride for all.

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10 mile route instructions

27 Mile Route

The 27 mile route is also fun for families and recreational riders. This route is quite flat and passes by the Lake Waco Dam and the peaceful surrounding countryside.

Head out Martin Luther King toward the Waco Airport. Loop around on Flat Rock and Yankie before you head back. Ride through Cameron Park as you head toward the finish line.

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27 mile route instructions

52 Mile Route

The 52 mile route is relatively flat with a few challenging hills thrown in to keep you from getting bored!

Our most popular route takes you all around the city of Waco and surrounding areas. The first few miles are the same as the 27 mile route. Then you head toward China Spring on back roads then head back around to Speegleville, then up Old Lorena Road. Then head towards Hewitt, out to Robinson and back to Waco on University Parks. Get a glimpse of the new Baylor Stadium as you ride through the Baylor campus and then on to the finish line.

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52 Mile Route Instructions

69 Mile route

The 69 mile route follows more of the 105 mile route and takes in some great rural roads.

You will head to Crawford after the 3rd rest stop. Enjoy the scenery and then end up back with the 52 mile route in Speegleville.

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69 Mile Route instructions

105 Mile Route

This route covers picturesque countryside on rural roads in McLennan and Bosque counties. Although relatively flat, there are some challenging hills to keep your heart pumping.

The 105 mile route is longer than last year because we bypassed Wendt Road due to rough gravel and now ride on Hwy 84 for a few miles.

The 105 mile route takes you from Crawford, out to Oglesby, through some private lands and beautiful countryside. A few little hills to keep it interesting. You will ride very close to Mother Neff State Park and then head back toward McGregor. You might hear some rumbling from rocket engines tests at SpaceX. Wind your way through more back roads till you join the 52 and 69 mile routes going up Old Lorena Road. Go through Hewitt, Robinson and then head back to downtown Waco where you can fill your helmet with candy.

This year our 105 mile ride will have two cut off points.

1. The first cut off point will be at the 30 mile Crawford rest stop. Riders arriving after 10:30 am will be required to ride the 69 mile route.

2. The second cut off point for the 105 mile ride will be at the Oglesby rest stop. Oglesby is 40.5 miles into our ride. Riders arriving after 11:30 am will be required to continue down FM1996 to FM107 and merge with the existing 105 mile route. This cut off will take 12 miles off of the 105 mile route.

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105 mile route instructions

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