How sweet it is!! We are excited to announce that the 2020 Skittles Waco Wild West will be held on the originally scheduled date of Saturday, October 10, 2020. During this questionable time of COVID-19, our committee has been communicating, getting expert advice, and developing contingency plans. Safety has always been our primary concern, and we are now confident that our Waco Wild West can be held safely in regard to communicable disease concerns.

Everything we do is outside in the fresh air, making physical distancing much more manageable. We are working with our health department and city government fo make sure we follow the guidelines provided by the CDC as well as local authorities.

Will everyone think this is a sweet idea? No. But in a recent poll of 8,780 respondents surveyed this month by USA Cycling, a majority said that they would consider participating in events that are still on the calendar. We know that this year is unusual and respect all opinions.

If you have serious concerns about coming to Wild West this year, we recommend you choose the virtual option.

We want to assure you of one certain thing in an uncertain time – you will not lose your registration fee in the event the ride is canceled for reasons of Covid. You will have the following three options:

  • Deferral to the 2021 ride
  • Donation to our charities
  • Full Refund

The increase in cycling has been one of the few positive things we can say about the pandemic. Our sport is seeing an all new high; what a great opportunity for all of our seasoned veterans to encourage the new and returning riders to join us on October 10th!

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The Waco Wild West Bicycle Tour has made a tradition of great rest stops and super rider support. This is one event you don’t want to miss! There is a tour for everyone.