2023 Jersey

How sweet was your ride?? Show the world by sporting the 2023 WWW jersey. Men’s and Women’s Relaxed  Cut Sizing with sleeveless and short-sleeved options. Plus roomy, great pockets for all those Skittles…

Two style options are available for the brightest jersey at your group ride!!

Order no later than August 2, 2023 to be guaranteed to have your jersey in hand by ride day. We will order lots of extras but the only way to guarantee we have a jersey for you is to order by the deadline. Orders later than that will be shipped at no additional fee 4-6 weeks after the ride.

If you preorder your jersey by the initial deadline it will be shipped directly to you at no additional cost.

We order extras which will be distributed by the date on which they were ordered. All other orders will be shipped at no additional cost.

Remaining jerseys will be for sale for $85.

View the sizing chart.

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The Waco Wild West Bicycle Tour has made a tradition of great rest stops and super rider support. This is one event you don’t want to miss! There is a tour for everyone.

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